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When Will I see you again?

Aaron Thedford
11 Mar , 2021

Of course you can buy thousands of tees and accessories from us online, but many of you have met us at comic cons, anime conventions, and pro gaming events across the country.  We set up displays with hundreds of shirts and other goodies for fans to peruse and purchase. In the before times when we carelessly roamed around maskless, IMPB would attend 30 to 50 conventions and events a year.    The last event we attended as a company was in February of 2020.  We've had over 50 events cancel in the last 14 months and at least in the very near term we have no live events scheduled.

However there is light on the horizon.  Vaccines are becoming more available and national case counts are falling.  States are easing restrictions.   So if things continue to trend in the right way, we could be attending events again by late summer or early fall.

We will be posting upcoming shows on our blog once we have a true schedule.  Everything is still in flux so we don't feel confident in posting dates for upcoming events yet.  Rest assured you will see us at the major events that decide to proceed this year as well as many smaller shows.  Check this blog for upcoming dates.

In the meantime take a few minutes and look for your favorite fandom.   Start getting your con wardrobe ready because if we can all hold on a little longer there's a good chance you'll soon be in a hall with thousands of your favorite people and you don't want to be caught in an old T-shirt..




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